Thinking About Your Publication’s Future?

  • Increase Revenues
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Track Advertisers’ ROI
  • Incentivize Paid Subscribers

Get SMART with your Future!

In the US, spending on traditional advertising has been cut in HALF over the past 10 years!

SmartCard is the Smart way to Merge Traditional, Digital and Mobile Advertising.
It is an innovative program that allows you to monetize trade for advertising.

Not traditional trade, but PAID TRADE!

What should your goals for a digital/traditional business model be?

  • Offer an option to cash-poor or inactive businesses.
  • Develop a way to track customer purchases generated by traditional advertising and offer your advertisers a way to secure 100% guaranteed ROI.
  • Provide a branded app to capture mobile users and build brand loyalty.
  • Establish a way to offer the strength of advertising without financial risk.
  • Grow a Loyalty Program that is simple to manage and execute.
  • Incentivize paid subscribers.
  • Increase Revenues!


Steady Decline in Traditional Ad Revenue


Increase Revenue by offering a Smart option to cash-poor or inactive businesses

computer screen with marketing plan

​SmartCard’s proprietary digital platform and mobile app allows consumers to use the app to buy at restaurants, retailers and service-based businesses at a discount.

  • You list the traded products/services on your branded Smartcard App
  • Your readers visit those business and buy the traded items via your App.
  • Your App charges the customer’s credit card the ticket amount and that money goes DIRECTLY back to you.


Advertisers expect a Return on Investment (ROI)


Offer your traditional advertisers a Smart way to secure 100% guaranteed ROI

Advertisers are struggling with what type of advertising is working, and thus moving their advertising budgets around. ROI stats are the only mechanisms that validate what forms of advertising works.

Customer purchases are paying for the ads, so you can offer 100% guaranteed ROI. So, now an advertiser only spends $1 on advertising when they get $1 in business. PLUS, all the value to the advertiser that comes with a face to face opportunity of a new customer experience.

“You can tell your advertisers that they won’t pay a cent out of pocket for your ad space until they get results.”


Consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices


Provide a Smart branded app to capture mobile users and build brand loyalty

group of people with smartphones

Mobile accounts for nearly two-thirds (63%) of all digital ad revenue.

Are you tapping into this market?

 Why will your audience use your SmartCard App?

  • Advertisers’ goods and services are offered at a discount as incentive for readers to use your App when buying.
  • Your app will be invaluable to your readers who will feel special due to exclusive deals your app offers.


Traditional ads can’t compete with online targeting and tracking


Develop a Smart way to track customer purchases generated by traditional advertising

Group of shoppers with their smartphones
  • Digital/on-line marketing has the capability to:
  • Hyper target customers
  • Track users
  • Track purchases
  • Utilize retargeting to forecast customer activity
  • Through your app, your advertisers will know:
  • How much was spent
  • Who spent it
  • When it was spent
  • How often spenders return

Your advertisers will know exactly how their advertising efforts are paying off.


Tap into a business's need for Traditional Media


Establish a Smart way to offer the strength of Traditional Media without financial risk

Woman walking past Sale sign

When it comes to recall, traditional advertising is much stronger than online

Traditional advertising persists in proving its status and value because of its  strong propensities for reaching people, building brand recognition, and raising recall rates.  Make it easier for business to get their traditional advertising.  You’re not selling something new but using a new tool to sell your existing products.

Traditional Model

An Advertiser buys an ad for $1,000

And hopes they get $1,000 in new business

SmartCard Model

Customers buy $1000 in products from the advertiser

Which pays for
the Ad


Create a relationship your with audience via a Loyalty Program


Grow a Smart Loyalty Program that is simple to manage and execute

Customer engagement – meeting customers’ wants and driving loyalty – is critical to a Media Company’s long-term profitability.

The branded SmartCard app that features your advertisers can be offered exclusively to your customer base, thus becoming your loyalty program.


Increase your online paid subscriber base


Implement a Smart way to incentivize paid subscribers

scattered purse, money, cellphone with SmartCard app, hat and wallet

How do you show value and incentivize the online subscription model?  Use SmartCard as a cost effective way to generate more paid online subscribers.

In order to turn your readers into paid online subscribers, you can offer a SmartCard element called SmartCash, which gives your subscribers credits in the amount of their subscription fee to use as cash on your SmartCard App.

Example: Customer pays $3/month for subscription, give them $3/month in SmartCash to use with the app. Publisher gets full value cash for subscriptions. Customers get SmartCash added to their account to use at any merchant

How SmartCard Works


List the traded products/services on your branded SmartCard App


Your readers visit those businesses and buy the traded items via your app

Money, lots of money

Your App charges the customer’s credit card the ticket amount and that money goes DIRECTLY back to you

Let’s make digital work without giving up traditional!

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